Source code for elecsim.plants.fuel.fuel

""" Class which specifies the properties of a fuel"""

__author__ = "Alexander Kell"
__copyright__ = "Copyright 2018, Alexander Kell"
__license__ = "MIT"
__email__ = ""

[docs]class Fuel(): def __init__(self, fuel_type, fuel_price, energy_density, co2_density, mwh_to_co2e_conversion_factor=0.0): """ Constructor which defines the characteristics of a plant_type :param fuel_type: Type of plant_type which is created :param fuel_price: List containing price of plant_type per year :param energy_density: Energy density of plant_type (GJ per tonne) :param co2_density: Carbon density of plant_type (tonnes of CO2 per tonne of gas burnt) :param mwh_to_co2e_conversion_factor: Conversion factor to convert MWh to CO2e emissions """ self.fuel_type = fuel_type self.fuel_price = fuel_price self.energy_density = energy_density self.co2_density = co2_density self.mwh_to_co2e_conversion_factor = mwh_to_co2e_conversion_factor